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The Lockdown Countdown

The countdown to the Lockdown has begun now that the arduous construction stage is completed. In a couple months our bar will open its doors in the Ukrainian Village on Western Avenue, just a couple of blocks south of Division. Everyone can come and watch some of the greatest concerts ever caught on film or listen to the most amazing rock musicians to put their hands on a guitar or sing into a microphone. Everyone can also come in and get some great food.

We are actually putting the finishing touches on both. Basically, we found an excuse to vegetate in front of the television, watch footage from some of the greatest live shows ever, and gorge ourselves on burgers and fries (oh the fries!).

Really you should check out what we have so far on the Lockdown menu. Perm’s creations are truly genius. Eat your veggies with some fried mozzarella with the Jersey Shore, stuff yourself with extra everything with the Malicious Destruction of Property, or warm up with a nice comforting entrees like the Baked Rigatoni just in time for the cold Chicago winter.

The Lockdown will be finalizing the beer menu as well. We are about food and drink here…oh and great music. Perm may have been working on the menu but PJ put his time in searching for the best concert footage to feature on the flat screens throughout the bar. The concert “events” will be posted online so you can find out which night you have to come in to see Hendrix or AC/DC ignite the crowd.

We have set up pages on Facebook and have a Twitter account to keep everyone up on what is going on as we get really antsy in anticipation of opening our doors to the public. If you cannot stay and want to spring for early release then our online menu will be up and you can put in an order for pickup.

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